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Breast Cancer is one of the most serious forms of Cancer. It ranks 2nd among deadliest forms of Cancers. It also has one of the fastest rates of progress. Life of any woman is bound to change after such a diagnosis.

But even though the case is a serious one, life is not over. Any woman who gets such a grave diagnosis needs to know that she is not alone in this. In India alone, there are many who have received such a diagnosis. They have fought and survived. So no matter the stage, no matter the age, you are not alone. You can always find support in communities.

Anyone and everyone can help in this fight against breast cancer. You can do so by signing up for online donations sites and cancer treatment support.


There is no definitive cause for this kind of a dreadful affliction. There are many links and markers which can help you avoid it. In India, breast cancer occurrence has increased in the 30-40 age group. The possible cause of this is a lifestyle.

Breast Cancer risk increases in obese women. Drinking increases the chances of Breast Cancer. This risk is increased in case of a heavy drinker. Studies have found that smoking increases the chances of breast cancer by almost 50%.

There are many NGOs which are dedicated to spreading awareness about Breast Cancer. In India, you can find NGOs like Muskan ( . You can donate for cancer care over here and impart happiness in the lives of cancer patients.


One of the most common treatments of breast cancer is a mastectomy. This involves removal of the whole breast. Depending upon the stage of the Cancer, surgical removal of the part the breast where the cancer lumps exist is also considered to be an option.

There is also Hormone Blocking Therapy and Chemotherapy. In hormone-blocking therapy, the main focus lies on controlling estrogen. Estrogen is required for the growth of cancer. This treatment blocks that. Second is Chemotherapy. This involves chemo treatment to eradicate the cancer cell. You need to be aware about the symptoms of cancer so that you get the treatment on time. Breast cancer awareness charity is conducted to provide relief to the cancer patients.


There are communities spread all around the world. These communities consist of women who have either fought and won against Breast Cancer or are recently diagnosed and undergoing treatment. You are never alone in your fight. You can join these communities for emotional support and motivation.

There are charitable trusts in India which organize cancer fundraiser and provide financial help for cancer patients. You need to understand; you always have people eager to help you, You have people rooting for you, You can win from cancer.


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