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There are many NGOs and government schemes which aim to provide children with things like basic education, healthcare,and nutrition. It is the right of every child to get these. We often regard children of today as the pillars of tomorrow. And yet, how many of us actually help strengthen those pillars?

Many kids in India go to sleep on an empty stomach. Going to school is a ream to them,and a balanced diet is an extravagance. It is for all those children who need help against their struggles that Muskan exists.


Muskan actively participates in spreading awareness about the condition of underprivileged kids in India. Through its many child health programs, it helps to strike a balance. It provides healthy nutrition for kids whose parent cannot afford a square-meal; it provides educational support to children wishing to go to school. Many of the events organized by Muskan help in awareness about good habits for children.

Not only does Muskan help in raising awareness. It also actively funds many children’s education and healthcare. It helps funding those schools which provide mid-day meals to underprivileged children. A simple meal consisting of rice and egg curry can put a smile on a child’s face. Beings amidst his/her friends can help that child feel assured and safe. It can make the meal more fulfilling. Muskan is dedicated to making sure that every child gets the appropriate required nutrition for children and that every childs grows up to become strong pillars of his/her society.

Muskan is not just for kids. It is for every mother who needs support to raise her child, which is why Muskan provides maternal and child healthcare. Many of its events include raising awareness about hygiene. It organizes events where children can freely consult a dentist and get free children’s health check-ups.

Child health and development is something that I should be taken very seriously. Many families require health information for kids, Muskan provides such families with financial support and helps them get the best children’s health services through many health centres that it has connections with.

Health insurance of your child is important

Healthy nutrition for children is such a big deal,  how big a dream can getting insurance can be. This is where Muskan steps in. It helps such families get financial support. It helps them choose the best value health insurance so that they remain covered no matter what situations they face.

You can always rely on Muskan for any kind of help. The doors are always open. And if you wish to help put a smile on a child’s face, help them get the basic education, you can always donate. Muskan welcomes all kinds of help, be it in the form of donations or manpower. If you think you are dedicated, you can always volunteer — the more the merrier.

Your small actions can help shape the future of a child. it can help a sick child with nowhere to go, get a free doctor’s check-up. It can help Muskan protect mother-child health. For more, visit

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