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Child labour is a serious issue in India. Despite several NGOs working to provide a safe future for the underprivileged children in India, forced child labour still remains a major concern.even in developed cities like Delhi and Hyderabad, there are many children who do not get to go to school. Their family cannot afford that luxury.

What is a necessity for many children belonging to the middle class families, becomes just a dream for these children as they are forced to earn a living to support their families. They beg on the street or collect garbage. Some even have to work in the household. The minimum pay that they get via these means is seldom enough to support their family which can often include up to 5 members.


Our very own Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi has said that we need to take actions against such conditions. Our country can become the topmost nuclear power in the world, but until and unless we eradicate the social evil that child labour is, we can never be called a “developed” nation. Unless every child has a bag filled with books and mind filled with dreams and aspiration instead of a bag filled with rubbish and mind filled with just hopes of a better tomorrow, we cannot progress.

As per the recent census, there are more than ten million children in India alone who are forced into labour. Most of them are aged between 5 and 15 years of age. That is the status of our nation even more than 70 years after attaining independence, even after a decade of becoming a nuclear power. Children are not meant to work for a living. They are meant to play and learn. They are not supposed to under go the hardships of life at such a tender age.


There are many institutions established in place to rescue children from forced labour. Muskan is one such NGO that works tirelessly to help the underprivileged children. We provide support for every step of the way. Every child deserves an education ; every child deserves to smile- that is what we believe in.

While you are sitting and wondering the state of child labour, there is some boy at some corner being forced to lift heavy bricks and loads. There is no one they know of who can protect their smiles, their health,and their dreams.

At Muskan, we work to protect those innocent smiles which might get destroyed under the wheels of hardship without help. We provide a lifeline to those children and their parents who cannot afford to pay the school fees. If you want to help, go to Sign up as a volunteer or choose to donate something for the benefit of these children. Help us rescue more children from child labour and put them in schools- where they belong.


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