global warming effects

Scientists Say There May Be Other Dangers Of Rising Temperatures:

This explains the increase in emergency situations like heavy rain, flood, drought, storm, cyclone in the world.
Reduced rainfall in hot regions and regions due to drought-like conditions reduced agricultural production.

Rapid melting of glaciers in winter also led to shortage of water in rivers in summer.


In a country like India, there is a long coastline and a quarter of India’s population lives within 50 km of the coast, many dangerous effects such as sinking of land, destruction of fields, homes, settlements and cities, saline water coming to the shores due to rising sea level. Can occur.

Countries which are almost settled on the coast, where diseases such as malaria and pests that spread them, attack other areas such as Bangladesh, Maldives, Mauritius etc., are a big danger for them.

Reduction in cultivation of high water crops like paddy.

The worst of all these effects will be on the poor, who cannot save themselves from floods and droughts, who have to go far for water, whose farming is dependent only on rain, who depends heavily on forests and who are fishermen etc. .

Global Warming, Facts And Information

Who’s Responsible..?

It is clear that man is responsible for this condition of the earth. Since the industrial era began around 1750, humans started producing huge amounts of carbon dioxide by burning huge amounts of coal, petrol, diesel, wood, and natural gas which is a major greenhouse gas (a gas that emits heat It is evident that most of the rich and developed countries of the world have done so by putting unmatched industry and the number of vehicles Served to increase. It is a matter of regret that the poor or the rich of developing countries (eg India) are also choosing the same path – the indiscriminate, irresponsible use of all the earth’s resources and to pollute the earth forever. But whatever the loss will be, the poor will suffer first of all – whether they are poor countries or poor families. Be it the scarcity of water or food grains, the poor are the first to suffer from starvation and misery. Poor countries in the countries of the world are yet to raise food grains, energy, electricity, water, roads and industries for their people – they have to set up many new industries for development – how can they clean the atmosphere of the world? will do? Or how to choose expensive, difficult methods of development?

Global Warming For Kids

Now this thing has to be understood, the difference between rich and poor in making the world dirty, it can be understood that in the 90 years after 1900, an average American person has 43 times more carbon dioxide than an average Indian. Thrown in the air. That means one American is equal to 43 Indians in this case. It is amazing.

Today the same debate is spread all over the world. Who should take the responsibility of reducing carbon dioxide – rich countries, which have brought this catastrophe before and are very accustomed to living with extravagance? Or developing countries that are trying to grow on the same path of development, and will soon reach the equivalent of countries rich in carbon dioxide release.

It is necessary to mention here that in the 1997 meeting in Kyoto, the United States and Australia refused to reduce their carbon dioxide release in any way. The US had said that ‘there can be no compromise with the lives of the American people’ – the point of thinking is that this irresponsible loss will be suffered by the whole world and all future generations.

Global Warming-Save Earth

“What should be the time to come, we have to decide today, otherwise the result will have to be passed on to our next generation.”

Is this right.. ?

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