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The period before puberty is regarded as one of the most important developmental phases in a child’s life. There is a good reason behind that thought. More than 80% of brain development is completed before the age of 3. By the age of 5, 90% of brain development occurs in a child. It is, therefore, this period in a child’s life that he/she begins to perceive the surrounding.

This time is particularly important because it determines what kind of a person the child will become. Cognitive functions start to increase. Children tend to feel the emotions from those around them.

As many children’s health drinks providers actively say in adverts, the child’s metal health development is completed by the age of five. During this time, it is duty of the parent to protect and preserve their children’s innocence. To make sure that the child does not know how to suffer.


If during such a time, a child were to suffer trauma, be it physical or mental, it would seriously effect further development. Facets like stunting and obesity, speech disorders, mental disorders- all tend to manifest themselves during this period of time. It is therefore very important that children be treated with extreme care and every bit of health information for kids is available.

Nutrition is also very important for mother-child health. Without healthy food, physical development can get hampered. The concept of a balanced diet assumes special important during this time. It becomes the responsibility of the parents to make sure that their children get the needed nutrition.

Have you ever thought about how many children get deprived of these basic amenities? How many children suffer from mental and physical trauma daily because they do not have the means to protect themselves? Repeated occurrences of such events can lead to the child developing a negative attitude towards society. If those trauma’s go untreated, they can stop further development.Children’s health insurance program is another great way to secure your child’s health.


Muskan is an organization that was founded with the belief that every child deserves to smile. It is to that end that people at Muskan work day and night to provide for those children who do not have anyone to help them.

Muskan works to provide healthcare for children. It also provides funds to families which cannot afford to send their wards to school for proper education. It was founded with the aim of providing basic education amenities. Since then, it has moved a longed way to make sure no aspect of a child is neglected during their developmental phase.

“Muskan holds various events to raise awareness about the well-being of the underprivileged. It helps to raise funds to help children with their education and healthcare.”

You can always volunteer. We need all hands on deck to make sure that the ship of joy sails for every child. To make sure that no child is left out in desperation many children’s health organizations are also working hard. You can go to to know about our events and the vision for a better India. You can always help us in our mission by donating to a good cause or by joining us at Muskan.


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