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A disease like cancer has brought tears to many eyes. It has taken lives without stopping. To this day, we have no specific reasons or causes as to why cancer occurs, and this is the most dreadful part of it.

One of the most common and deadliest forms of cancer is breast cancer. It can happen in any woman. The type of lifestyle a woman leads determines her chances of Breast cancer. Like the fight against AIDS is symbolized by a Black Ribbon, the fight against Breast Cancer is symbolized by a Pink Ribbon.

The Pink Ribbon is a symbol adopted by cancer foundations and cancer donation websites to show that they fight right alongside the victims of breast cancer to provide them with financial resources and emotional support.


The onset of the breast cancer can be detected easily. These are a few of the common symptoms:

  • Thickening of breast tissue. Formation of lumps.
  • Discharge from the nipple.
  • Inverted nipple
  • Breast pain

A lump or swelling developed under your arm can indicate breast cancer. It is wise to get yourself checked in time.


An idle lifestyle, drinking and smoking increase chances of breast cancer exponentially.Obesity in females is an alarming factor. Few studies also indicate that genetics can play a central role in onset of cancer.  If your mother had breast cancer, you should be extra careful in leading a healthy life.

Risk of breast cancer increases during the onset of periods and also during the menopausal period. If a woman takes medications to address symptoms of menopause, she runs a great risk of breast cancer.

Living an active, healthy and clean life can decrease your chances of having breast cancer. It should also be mentioned that while the aforementioned habits increase the chances of breast cancer, they are probable causes. There have been many cases where the daughter does not get breast cancer even though her mother may have suffered from it. Whatever it the case whenever any person gets diagnosed with cancer the biggest worry is where to get financial help for cancer patients?


There are many organizations all over the world which spread awareness about breast cancer. They also provide holistic cancer treatment support. These are communities where a woman can freely mix and discuss her conditions without any worries. Organizations like Muskan work tirelessly to provide relief to the cancer patients. They work with such devotion due to the huge cancer donations that they receive each year from people who care about these patients.

With an aim to help every woman suffering from breast cancer, these organizations provide financial and emotional support. These are few of the best organizations one can donate to forward the cause. There is a Muskan for all from them.


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