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One of the most common lessons that are taught to children from the beginning of their elementary school years is “Health is Wealth”. But how much can a child understand? It falls on the parents to make sure that they help their wards grow healthy habits.

While it sounds simple enough, when it comes to children and health, we tend to mix to get confused  ourselves. What to do and what not to do? Every kid is different. This is one thing that every parent, at some level, understands.

You cannot just ask a fish to climb a tree. You cannot expect that a brave falcon which wants to soar the skies would remain healthy if kept as a captive. You cannot make a chimp swim the depths of the ocean. The point is that every child is special in his/her own way. You cannot expect them to run the rat race, you cannot expect them to tolerate everything thrown at them. They may have their own health demands, they can have their own visions and aspirations.


It’s not necessarily bad. Being unique is good. But sometimes, that may also apply to your child’s health needs. How much trust can be placed on some “relative’s” or “friend’s” advice? It may have worked for their children,but the need for healthy nutrition for children can vary from one kid to another.

To be clear, we are not just talking about common healthy habits for kids like washing hands and eating a balanced diet. Those are indeed fundamental habits and are very important. But have you ever realized that perhaps health tips for children can also include off-topic advice meant for specific groups?


There are many organizations and institutions which work to spread awareness about the importance of a balanced diet for kids and spread healthy tips for children to help parents with the nutrition needs of their children.

Muskan is one such organization which, since its inception, worked tirelessly to provide children’s health services.  It is an NGO which has been trying to provide the best healthcare to children and ensure their all-round development. Not only does it facilitate many child health programmes but also aims to provide educational support to underprivileged kids.

You can check them out at www.muskanforall.comHealth Information for Children is something that is needed by many parents. Muskan helps parents realize their kid’s health needs and best habits. This may not seem much at a simple glance. Muskan helps parents realize where their child needs their help the most.

After all, health tips for children are something you can commonly find on the internet or go to a doctor. But how much can you trust the info on the internet for your child’s health and development. Muskan is a reliable source for those who cannot afford a costly doctor’s appointment and also for parents who wish to provide the best support to their children.

To make sure that future is strong, Muskan endeavours to strengthen and protect the pillars of tomorrow, the children and their dreams by providing children’s health services.

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