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Take a standard 4 Moral Science book and turn over a few pages. You are bound to see the words “Health is Wealth.”. These are morals and habits that are forced on us from an early age to help make a brighter future.And yet, how many of us actually remember to wash our hands before we eat properly? How many us diligently brush our teeth twice a day?

Our health does not just depend upon these small habits. What we do in our daily lives, what we eat, how much we sleep – these are things that influence how long we will live. That is a simple truth. If you eat sweets too much, you are bound to suffer from obesity and diabetes. If you do not eat enough calcium, sooner or later, you are going to suffer from weak bones.


Living healthy is a choice. There are no excuses. You cannot just say that “I work in an MNC and I have too much work to do. I cannot afford 6 hours sleep.”. That kind of excuse doesn’t work anymore. You cannot say that your canteen does not provide healthy food options, so you have to eat pizzas and burgers daily. If you truly want to live well, you would make a healthy choice every step of your life.

A small decision like taking the stairs or staying away from sugar can have a drastic impact on your health. It might seem something out of a movie, but it is true. If you work in a company which gives you loads of work, you need to tackle that in your way. If your canteen does not provide fruits or other healthy options, start taking a tiffin.


One of the biggest threats to living healthy is the lack of organization. This can often arise from a lack of a plan. The logical thing to do is to chart up a time-table, a routine of sorts which lists out your daily activities. You need to focus on that. Many might argue that they already have such a plan etched inside their minds, but let’s be honest here, that kind of a thing doesn’t work. Having a written plan of attack helps you focus on the important things. Once you have that, making better choices the rest of the way becomes easy.

It is small tips and tricks like these that lead to better health. Better health increases productivity. Which, in turn, helps to improve society.To help others lead a healthy life and smile all way, Muskan organises events and charities to help spread the message of “healthy living”. It might seem frivolous, but someone has to guide the way. That is what Muskan is here for. Go to for more.


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