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The happiness of your family grows multiple times with the arrival of a new guest. Is there any news better than the news of becoming a mother? The excitement, the happiness, the very fact can light up a family. There is nothing better than the prospect of motherhood.

As joyous as the occasion may be, motherhood brings with it a new set of worries. For those who are becoming mothers for the first time, this is even worse. As happy as they may be, there is always some doubt lingering in their hearts. It’s extremely important to give healthy nutrition for children as well as the mothers. 


Doubts like “am I prepared for it?”, “where can I get help?”, “ am I doing it right?” are common to all those who have experienced motherhood. At such times, someone whom you can trust can provide you with great strength and support.

Motherhood requires extreme care. For those who are about to give birth, there are always tons of worries, tons of rules to follow. Pre-natal care is very important. If you are expecting, then you already know the heavy responsibility resting on your shoulders.

For the period of 9 months, maternal and child health becomes a priority. Whatever the mother does, reflects directly on the child, which is why they are kept on a maternal and child health care program. Though at this point, it won’t be fair to call the baby growing inside the womb as a child.

During labour, the care of mother and child is of utmost importance. Slightest of mishaps can put both the mother and child at great risk. If you ask a doctor, the delivery itself is mostly simple. Whats riskier is ascertaining the potion of the baby and the risk it puts the mother in.

After birth, the post-natal care of the baby is everything that the parents should be focused on. If at any point, they feel like they are doing something wrong, they should immediately consult an expert. There are many maternal and child health programmes which provide crucial guidance to the new parents.


This makes that the child health and development goes smoothly. There are government schemes, NGOs and other institutions which provide new parents with every possible help, every step of the way.

Muskan is one such organization where you can go for any kind of query and help. Muskan provides financial assistance and holistic support to parents through various child health program. It was founded keeping in mind that many new mothers in India miss out on important details about pregnancy and child-rearing.

Most new parents lack the awareness when it comes to maternal and child healthcare. Muskan helps in spreading awareness and important tips that can help in making sure that child development does not get compromised ever. At Muskan, you can rest easy knowing that there are people who care about your child’s health and development just as much as you do.

With its wide connection and proactive volunteers, Muskan will make sure that you have someone to help you, someone you can rely upon, whenever you need. Visit  for more.

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