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1. Introduction:
Muskan Educational Project
is a humble initiative to give formal education to the children who are deprived of the natural order of the education. We are trying to make learning fun and life long experience for these children. We have devised several relevant pedagogies that take their special needs into account. In India, about 47% of children born are suffered from malnutrition. Hence, through educational project, we are trying to fulfill the minimum nutritive requirements by providing mid-day meal, full of nutrients, to the children who are with us today. In the above said project, In Delhi State, we are going to establish:

(a) Crèche for the children of working women.
(b) Primary, and Senior Secondary schools for formal education.
(c) Vocational Training Centers.
(d) Residential Schools for Orphans.
(e) Non-formal Education Centers.
(f ) Libraries and Reading rooms.
(g) Special Schools for disabled children.

2. Objectives:
(i)    To Provide Formal Education.
(ii)   To Provide Health Care.
(iii)   Fulfillment of minimum nutritive requirement.
(iv)   Development of Creativeness.
(v)    To Provide Activities for Physical Health.
(vi)   All-round Development of Personality.

3. Target Group:
The Children of age group of 05-14 years, irrespective of sex, caste, color, creed, and religion, are our target group.

4. Time Frame:
This would be an ongoing Programme.

5. Methodology:
* Development of necessary infrastructure.
* Identifying more children for this Programme.
* Trained, competent, & committed staff to look
after their needs.
* Provide Health care by visiting Doctors.
* Provide activities for Physical Health.
* Developing all round personality.
* Arrange tours to different places.
* Collaboration with other organizations who work
in the field for
effective and better education.

6. Resources required:
    * Building: as required
    * Open space: for co-curricular activities
    * Library
    * Furniture and Fixtures
    * Teaching Aids and Games material

    * Funds for Books, Stationary, Bags, & Dresses.
    * Funds for medicines & nutritive food.
    * Funds for electricity and water.
    * Funds for maintenance.
    * Funds for Entertainment.

7. Major Activities:
1. Activities for daily formal education
2. Activities for better learning
3. Visits of Resource Personnel from different
    fields of education
4. Activities for improvement of Physical Health
5. Development of Creativeness
6. Extra curricular activities
7. Outings
8. Recreational activities

8. Impact:
1. Elimination of illiteracy among the children.
2. Bright & better future of the children.


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