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India is the second most densely populated country in the world. India has its own special feature, not only for its area, climate, land but also for reasons. More than two-thirds of India’s population lives in villages and all of them are dependent on agriculture. But India also has problems related to climate change. Is facing in many developed and developing countries of the world, solutions to problems arising from climate change are being found.

Climate Change And The Real Problem Of India.

Eminent scientist and father of the Green Revolution, Dr. M.s. Swaminathan In this context, Swaminathan has made the most important assessment of climate change and the real problem of India.

Dr. Swaminathan has analyzed the problem of monsoon rains due to unbalanced situation and climate change. For this, villagers living in far-flung villages in vast India will have to give proper scientific information. They have to explain how the problems faced by the lack of monsoon rainfall can be dealt with. Many effective research related to agricultural production due to monsoon rains in India has been done and is still being done, all the information provided by these effective research can save the farmers from many kinds of crises.

Dr. Swaminath, On the subject of climate change and imbalance of monsoon rains in the national broadcast, Dr. Swaminath suggested that in each panchayat, there should be two young or female climate managers, whose main task is to present their village climate and agriculture information. It has also been suggested that students from agricultural colleges and schools meet farmers in villages for two months every year and give them practical information. Only then will the slogan from laboratory to field be successful.

Climate Change Assessment

The Department of Environment, Government of India has formulated several programs at the national and state level, take care of climate change and other types of problems arising from it. India has also become aware of the challenge of climate change and its adverse effects. During the last few years, conservation of river currents, suitable improvement in urban air quality, extensive afforestation and renewal and energy Based technologies conditions aimed at the desired improvements have been initiated many environmental measures in this direction.

India is an agricultural country. Our country has a vast heritage of natural resources and especially flora and India has an important place in the world in the field of biodiversity. Climate change is affecting the economy of our country. Due to lack of sufficient rainfall, it directly affects the air temperature. To conserve this diversity, we have to make efforts to gain as much information as possible about the changes taking place at the national level.

In India, could work together for research and study related to climate. An Indian network was formed for this. It has been named ‘Indian Network for Climate Change Assessment (INCCA).

Impact Of Climate Change

This is a classic example of India’s commitment to combat climate change. With this, we do not have to depend on other countries for information about climate change. Not only this, we will also have considerable flexibility in deciding the condition and direction of climate change control in India.

Overall, in today’s context, it is necessary that the world-human-society should not be ignorant of the dangers of climate change. A step taken in time is more sensible than a wild run as time passes.

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