Climate And Weather

Dracula mouth torn of melting glaciers rising to swallow the Maldives. If the situation remains the same, then Maldives may become the first victim of the deluge. The Maldives held its cabinet meeting within the sea to convey the same message to the world. Scientists predict that if the Earth’s atmosphere continues to heat up in the same way, by 2021, the Maldives will dissolve in the ocean. The meeting of the Maldives Cabinet, which was held on October 14, lasted for about half an hour within the sea. The glacier melting in the Maldives, a small country in the Indian Ocean, is the first to threaten the deluge. Recently, a unique meeting of the Maldives cabinet took place in the sea depths. The message was that if not warned we would drown. Maldives President Mohammad Nasheed clearly said in this meeting – we are drowning.

Climate Today

Maldives wants world leaders to sign a carbon emission reduction treaty at a meeting in Copenhagen in December. The President said in this meeting, “If Maldives is not saved, don’t even expect the world to survive tomorrow.” Melting glaciers remain the biggest threat to Maldives and Bangladesh due to global warming. Scientists have clearly stated that Maldives will become the first victim of global warming. The danger is not just on the Maldives, but also on the coastal areas of India. Two of the hundred islands in the Sundarbans delta of India have been swallowed by the sea recently and about a dozen islands are under threat of drowning. These islands have a population of about ten thousand tribals. If these islands drown, then this population may also drown.

India and China have been warned of the danger of melting glaciers. Recently the two countries met on this draft and it was decided that the two countries would send a team to study the glacier melting and to know the actual situation. Both countries know that the melting glacier will flood many such rivers, on which millions of people live. Scientists and climbers from India and China will now visit the glaciers from which the Sutlej and Brahmaputra rivers originate. These two rivers, which flow from the mountains of Tibet, together with the rivers Ganges and Indus, provide water to crores of people of North India and neighboring countries.

Climate And Weather

According to the report of an international body working on environment related issues, by the end of the century, global warming could cause 18 million deaths in Africa. Floods, droughts, famines and conflicts are on the rise in Africa that can cause deaths.

The entire world will have to unite to prevent the threat of melting glaciers due to global warming. Because the threat of melting glacier is facing only Maldives today, but even now we may not be able to see if the whole world is drowned in the coming times!

Effects Of Melting Glacier 

Beautiful forest of West Bengal is in danger
According to a report, by 2020, 15 percent of the beautiful forest area of ​​West Bengal will be found in the sea. Things will get worse if snow starts melting in Greenland and Antarctica.

Islands At Sea

2000 Islands At Sea!

Indonesia’s environment minister warns of this danger, saying that due to global warming, in the next 30 years, about two thousand of the 18,000 islands of his country will be absorbed into the sea.

Earth’s temperature will increase

According to the report released in Paris by the IPCC, in the year 2100, the temperature of the earth will increase from 1.8 to four degrees. This report has been prepared by 3750 environmental scientists from 113 countries.

Sea level rose up

The sea level can rise up to six meters due to glacier melting. By the end of the 21st century, the sea surface can rise by one meter. The surface of sea water has risen by 15 cm in the last century.

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